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Small Business: Getting Started

Are you thinking of starting a small business and not sure where to start?
Keat Chiew will discuss and examine key areas that will make a difference to take your business idea or recent start-up to a more solid foundation. You will learn about entrepreneurship and how to develop a flexible but disciplined process to validate your business ideas or review your current business model. You will also discover critical business elements to help you make informed decision that will enhance your probability of success in business.
To enroll, please click here
2021 class session details are below:
- 23-30/1/2021 (Sat) 1000 - 1300hr x 2 sessions (Zoom-based)
- 13/2/2021 (Sat) 1000 - 1600hr (Classroom-based)
- 20-27/3/2021 (Sat) 1000 - 1300hr x 2 sessions (Zoom-based)
- 17/4/2021 (Sat) 1000 - 1600hr (Classroom-based)
- 15-22/5/2021 (Sat) 1000 - 1300hr x 2 sessions (Zoom-based)
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