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Empower ordinary Australians of all abilities and aspirations to be successful in their vocation of choice.


We deliver this by:

  • Knowledge and skillsets-transfer grounded on real world environment

  • Focussing on not just the HOW, but also the WHYs

  • Tailored, not cookie cutter solutions


We are driven by these beliefs

  • Each and every one has the capability and skillset to excel

  • Knowledge levels the playing field


Our passionate pursuits

  • Working collaboratively with all relevant stakeholders to help the individual succeeds

  • Breaking down the complex; simplify matters

  • Embrace inclusiveness & diversity 

  • Drive results, not process

About Blackmont Pathway
Blackmont Pathway provide individual and class-based business short course, workshop, coaching and consultancy services.
Keat Chiew is an experienced business operator with extensive business and corporate experience in diverse industry sectors. He is also a certified business trainer. 
Blackmont Pathway provides unique and rich experience that will enable their clients looking to realize their career dreams or engineer a career change.

About Keat Chiew


With more 20 years of marketing management experience with blue-chip organisations in the Consumer & Technology sectors, Keat brings best-in-class and practical knowledge essential for nascent start-ups and current business operators to excel in.


Keat also has extensive international business experience, with expertise in category management, business development and branding. He also designs & delivers business short courses for TAFE in Melbourne. 


Keat enjoys listening to his modest vinyl collection when free.

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